Trail of the Week


I just finished an audio project for Montana Wilderness Association called “The Trail of the Week.” MWA put a lot of effort into an online Montana hiking guide, and they wanted to produce a short radio program to draw attention to it. My job was to find 52 trails on the guide and turn them into 52, 1-minute radio episodes to air all over the state.

I researched, wrote, edited, recorded, and produced each episode. I came up with a format, created different seasonal intros and backgrounds, and mixed everything to fit and sound great. It was hard work, but I had the support and help of some great people. The lovely Michelle Nigh of Missoula Community Theatre did the readings of the trails, using her captivating voice to transport listeners outside. We also recorded at the Montana Public Radio studios in Missoula, where Beth Anne Austein operated the controls and helped coach while I directed Michelle. Jeff Rice, a Montana State University professor and program director of Acoustic Atlas, gave me permission to use his incredible species and environmental sound recordings. Finally, Kassia Randzio and the entire MWA staff suggested trails, contacted radio stations, scheduled recording sessions, contributed great ideas and feedback, and so much more. It was up to me to take everything they gave me and turn it into an accurate, polished, and interesting program.

Starting June 1st, different radio stations will air one episode a week for the entire year. When they hit the airwaves, you should also be able to check them out online at MWA’s website. Over time, MWA hopes to grow the program and add more trails, keeping it fresh and relevant; I hope to be involved when the time comes. Thank you to Kassia and everyone at MWA for giving me this opportunity!


Carpp Lakes Loop

Gallatin Crest Trail

History Rock

Jack Creek Preserve


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