First Publishing

I just got published! The poem I posted a few months ago, “Lovesick Sonnet,” will be appearing in the “Best Emerging Poets” anthology by Z Publishing. The anthology contains a poem from over 125 poets, and comes out April 8 on Amazon. The publishing company reached out to me after reading a poem I put out way back in my college’s arts magazine. I always thought submitting for that was just good practice, but I guess you never know who’s reading it. I’ll post that poem, if I can find it, after this one.

I made quite a few edits, and I think it’s a better poem for it. I still think it could use a little work, but I’m happy to have it be published by a professional company. The next step? Writing something and actively submitting it professionally. Thank you to Ben Leubner (I wrote the poem that got me noticed in his class), and Zack Bean, who runs Opsis, the arts magazine at Montana State University. And thank you Z Publishing for publishing my poem!


Lovesick Sonnet

Ten thousand stars. Ten thousand half-lit stars, shifting
In the dark. Ten thousand lighthouses flicker
Off and on in the dead of night, and
Most of them have already burnt out.

Not ours, though. I see two specks almost
touching, and boy do they sparkle.
I bet they first met some million light years ago,
And light bent and waves burst and colors…

Well, I thought I saw them. It’s hard to keep track
Of everything up there. I know I saw
Them once though, buried deep in dark brown. That
Tree trunk, planet core, elemental brown.

If I could bottle that look in your eyes,
I’d never have to look up again.


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